Message from
Board Chair and CEO

As we navigate the changing landscape of our health care system, this strategic plan will ensure St. Joseph’s position as a leader in developing seamless pathways that enhance care, access and the patient experience. This plan reflects the voices and lived experiences of more than 2000 members of our community. The honest and bold feedback from our partners, team members and those we serve reinforced the key tenets of our previous strategic plan and provided insight to help us refine our goals and set new priorities. 

We know the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been profound. However, there have been silver linings. Our pandemic response taught us to be agile, responsive, creative and innovative and we have used these learnings to enhance our goals and vision statements for the next three years.

The engagement and support of our community is core to our work at St. Joseph’s. Generous donations to St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation enables better patient care, research and teaching. Donors help bridge the gap to achieve work that otherwise would not be possible. We recognize the important role our community will play in many of the strategic initiatives outlined in this plan.

Threaded in each part of this plan is our focus on care partnership; excellence in quality and safety; and equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. Work in these areas will be informed by our patients, residents, caregivers, staff and physicians.

Going forward, it is clear that our commitment to the people we serve is unwavering. Our culture of resiliency and inclusion has room to grow and our dedication to the values of respect, excellence and compassion is hardwired across our workforce.

We are excited to share this refreshed strategic plan for 2022-2025 which builds on the strengths of our mission and lays the groundwork for ambitious and novel possibilities both within and beyond our walls.

Jonathan Batch
Chair, Board of Directors

Roy Butler
President and CEO