Message from
Board Chair and CEO

For nearly 150 years, St. Joseph’s Health Care London has been a leader and forward thinker in providing care – body, mind and spirit – to our community and the region. Through monumental change, we have maintained a steadfast focus on those we serve. This is core to our success. It is who we are.

In health care, change is the only constant, and the pace of change continues to accelerate. There has never been a more critical time to plan for the future; to lay down an aspirational path that ensures continued success for years to come.

We are pleased to introduce you to St. Joseph’s 2018-2021 corporate strategic plan – a bold and clear plan that outlines where we’re going, how we’ll get there and what it means to you. The five strategic priorities and three key principles will keep us focused on our future direction, as well as our day-to-day work.

More than 2,000 voices helped to shape this plan. Throughout a robust engagement and planning process, we heard from staff, physicians, learners, volunteers, patients, residents, family caregivers, Board members, researchers, donors, community and academic partners, and representatives from St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation. In building this blueprint for the future, we remained true to what we heard and hope you see your voice reflected here. And, we are committed to receiving your ongoing input and feedback as we journey through this plan and its priorities together.

Throughout this plan, you will see how we are drawing upon our legacy from the Sisters of St. Joseph, empowering our staff and physicians to be ambassadors of this plan and our organization, strengthening our partnerships with patients, residents and family caregivers, building collaborative relationships with our research, academic and community partners, and leveraging technology – all to continue earning the complete confidence of those we serve.

As always, our emphasis is on providing the excellent compassionate care that you have come to expect at all of our sites. We will also strengthen our efforts to ensure easier access to care and smoother transitions to care within the community, and extend the provision of and access to care beyond our walls. Based on your feedback, these aspirations have helped us reshape our vision as we look to the future – reaching out to people, partnering with others in the community and ensuring the right care is provided to the right person in the right place.

On behalf of St. Joseph’s Health Care London, we would like to thank all those who shared their wisdom, thoughts and vision in the development of this strategic plan. We asked challenging questions, you answered and we were inspired. Together, we are creating the St. Joseph’s of tomorrow.

Howard Rundle
Chair, Board of Directors

Dr. Gillian Kernaghan
President and CEO

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