Year Two Accomplishment Highlights (2019/2020)

Reaching Out, Connecting Care, Innovating Together, Leveraging Technology and Empowering People are the priorities of St. Joseph’s Corporate Strategic Plan, outlining where we’re going, how we’ll get there and what it means to our patients, families, staff and community. Woven throughout the plan is our steadfast focus on uncompromising quality and safety, partnerships with patients, residents and family caregivers, as well as advocacy and collaboration.
We are pleased to share below, the progress achieved across St. Joseph's during the second year (2019/2020) of our three-year corporate Strategic Plan.

A few highlights from year two of our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan accomplishments include:


St. Joseph’s implemented steering committee approved recommendations of the Frail Senior Strategy across the South West Local Health Integration Network (SWHLIN), which included investment in nursing resources in Huron-Perth and Grey-Bruce to support older adults with frailty. Capacity planning for older adults with frailty in the SWHLIN has also been undertaken. In addition, Senior friendly funding was made available to all units, departments and programs across St. Joseph’s to improve health equity for older adults, with a goal to embed senior friendly care into every aspect of our organization. Read more about the South West Frail Senior Strategy’s approach and future direction.


Read more about the South West Frail Senior Strategy’s approach and future direction


A new Indigenous program and care delivery model called ‘Biigajiiskaan: Pathways to Mental Wellness’ was co-developed and implemented by St. Joseph’s, together with Indigenous health leaders and community partners Atlohsa Family Healing Services. An Indigenous Governance Circle was established, including Indigenous community members, representatives from Indigenous-based agencies, elders and knowledge keepers. In addition, a mobile outreach clinical health care team was successfully created and is providing services to Indigenous mental health care inpatients, outpatients and ACT clients of St. Joseph’s Mental Health Care Program as well as throughout local Indigenous communities in the London-Middlesex and Elgin sub-regions.


Read more about the Biigajiiskaan Indigenous Wellness Program


St. Joseph’s continues to explore and advance key strategic partnerships to foster improved integration and transitions in care for those we serve. For example, opportunities for integrated partnerships with community providers in ambulatory mental health care services within Elgin County are being established, including a standardized assessment tool. In addition, St. Joseph’s worked collaboratively with community partners to develop the Ontario Health Team (Western Ontario Health).


Thanks to a historic, 7.5 million-dollar donation to St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, St. Joseph’s was able to advance the establishment of the Mobility and Activity Centre at Parkwood Institute Main Building. The Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity aims to promote people’s capacity to remain mobile throughout their lives and remain in good health, including helping patients with musculoskeletal and neurological diseases, frail seniors as well as those with mental illness for whom mobility is challenged.


Read more about the Mobility and Activity Centre


Phase two of the Zero Suicide Initiative was fully implemented within St. Joseph’s mental health care inpatient and outpatient programs at both Parkwood Institute and Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care. The program was also expanded to patients within the Operational Stress Injury Clinic at Parkwood Institute’s Main Building, which is one of the first national clinics to operationalize a suicide prevention strategy. In addition, phase three which includes an engagement plan for implementation of the Zero Suicide Initiative with interested community partners, is also well underway.


Learn how the Zero Suicide initiative at St. Joseph’s is helping to close systemic gaps in care


The foundations of a virtual care service model were established and, in response to COVID-19 in early March 2020, many teams began implementing virtual or remote patient care where possible, to ensure patients could remain connected with their health care teams and continue recovery. Patients have been receiving care, education and therapy through various virtual technologies including phone and video-based counselling, assessments and appointments, Ontario Telemedicine Network and more. Both patients and clinicians continue to be engaged in planning and in how St. Joseph’s evolves and adapts to this new way of providing service to some patient populations.


Access to the ‘MyChart’ regional patient portal was provided to more than 2100 patients of St. Joseph’s Breast Care Program, as early adopters. MyChart is a secure online service that gives patients and their substitute decision makers, access to their medical records from various participating hospitals and home and community care services. The vision is to provide patients and their family caregivers a single digital channel to access their health information so they can be better informed and engaged in their own care. Patients who join the portal will eventually have access to date from all hospitals who share data through the infrastructure. Work is underway to expand MyChart to other programs.


Metrics were identified to implement the National Standard for Psychological Health and Wellness in the Workplace, with a focus on the physical and psychological safety of staff, physicians and volunteers and students, through reducing workplace lost time injuries and workplace violence. In addition, partnerships are continuing to be established with leaders and Joint Health and Safety Committees to amplify understanding of the factors that contribute to psychological safety. In addition, a robust intranet hub in support of psychological safety and wellness, continues to evolve. A civility in the workplace policy is also now in place for the organization.

This small glimpse of achievements from 2019-2020 speaks to innovation and excellence, to earning complete confidence in the care we provide and to making a difference in the quest to live fully.

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