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Empowering People

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Strategic Goal: We will enhance our thriving, inclusive environment where wellness is fostered and the potential of everyone is fully mobilized. We will build a shared understanding that everyone’s voice matters and that staff, physicians, volunteers and learners have a significant role in improving the experience and care outcomes of those we serve.

What We Heard from Stakeholders

We heard from participants in the strategic planning engagement sessions that the St. Joseph’s family – staff, physicians, volunteers and learners – is valued throughout the organization. At the same time, their input in this area was to ensure that we build on the people focus. From their perspective, we need to strengthen the “leadership from where you serve” philosophy where everyone who works and volunteers at St. Joseph’s is emboldened to improve care and share knowledge. As part of this approach, participants would like to see a spirit of inquiry and co-leadership throughout St. Joseph’s where staff and physicians would be supported to work to full scope and generate and initiate action on improvement ideas across the organization.

We also heard that there is a real need to advance our safety and wellness frameworks to improve physical and psychological safety and resilience, create structures to support continuous professional development for staff, build on our leadership excellence to include talent management and succession planning programs, and create and embed a framework for sharing knowledge and innovation across all programs.

What we will
accomplish By 2021
  • We will be known as a leading work environment where staff, physicians, volunteers and learners are engaged and feel they are physically and psychologically safe.
  • Staff and physicians will be supported in generating and initiating action on improvement ideas across the organization.
  • We will continue our focus on leadership excellence to achieve the vision and strategic goals.

An Enthusiastic Endorsement

St. Joseph's is a place you want to volunteer – so says those who would know. Nearly 90 per cent of volunteers at St. Joseph's recommend the organization as a place to give of your time and skills.

In the Standardized Volunteer Opinion Survey administered in November 2019 by the Professional Association of Volunteer Leaders – Ontario, volunteer satisfaction was measured against other hospitals in the province. This year's survey was completed by more than 4,200 volunteers at 45 health care centres and sites across Ontario, including 192 volunteers (20 per cent) at St. Joseph's.

Among all hospitals, St. Joseph's was a standout in overall volunteer experience and impact with nearly 80 per cent of volunteers saying they feel their work makes the hospital a better place. They also feel appreciated with 90 per cent reporting their placement area makes good use of their time, they receive respect and thanks from staff, and the organization values their contributions.

In non-COVID-19 times, a diverse group of nearly 1,000 volunteers ages 14 to 90 work in 87 areas or programs, where they enrich our culture of compassion and the patient and resident experience.

Marnie McGarry suited up ready for a game of floor hockey with Jeff Lovell
St. Joseph's stands out among 45 health care centres across Ontario as a great place to volunteer.

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