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Strategic Goal: We will mobilize everyone at St. Joseph’s as part of a collaborative force for continual innovation, research and learning, driven by patient-centred needs. There will be an embedded expectation that improving what we know about our work and its effectiveness is part of everyone’s job in a thriving environment for innovation.

What We Heard from Stakeholders

There were strong themes of innovation, education/learning and research that arose in multiple engagement sessions from many different participants.

We heard from participants that everyone who works at St. Joseph’s should play a role in continuous innovation, knowledge development and learning. As a result, they see innovation and improvement in everyone’s job description. In keeping with that, they would like everyone at St. Joseph’s to embed the question, “How could this be done better?” in their work, and all innovation work to include the question, “Is this informed by the patient experience and what patients, residents and family caregivers value?” To nurture this, participants would welcome an internal hub for innovation, research and learning that would provide access to skills and resources needed to generate research questions, build practice-based programs, and strengthen the capacity for innovation and adoption of new knowledge and leading practices.

Continuing with the theme of education/learning, participants encouraged St. Joseph’s to strengthen partnerships with academic institutions, industry and disruptors to ensure and evaluate care that best supports patients for quality of health and life, and deepen the role that we have across the region to become a key knowledge developer, disseminator and capacity builder. As part of this work, participants advised St. Joseph’s to grow our capacity to teach unique models of interprofessional, whole person, connected care to prepare the health care providers of the future. In addition, they advocated for the co-creation of useful, accessible knowledge and information resources for patients, residents, family caregivers and community partners.

With respect to research, participants saw a role for patients, residents and family caregivers in this area whereby every patient at St. Joseph’s, through Lawson Health Research Institute, could be invited to contribute their data for research, continuous improvement and knowledge development, and there could be more opportunities for patients, residents and family caregivers to engage in research.

We also heard about the importance of partnering with donors to enhance both research and innovation.

What we will
accomplish By 2021
  • Our patients, residents and family caregivers and community members will be active partners in research and quality improvement efforts.
  • We will redesign and enhance the existing infrastructure to foster research and innovation that provides access to skills and resources needed to generate research/innovation questions, and build practice-based research and innovation programs.
  • We will build on our research and further develop and teach boundary-pushing models of specialized ambulatory care and complex recovery and rehabilitation.

Born to move

Mobility is a precious gift that can be taken away in an instant through trauma, or slowly slip away with illness and/or age. Loss of mobility can derail a person's quality of life, lead to social isolation and create additional medical issues. As Canada's demographics change, mobility challenges will become even more prevalent.

To tackle and fuel discovery in this area of growing medical concern, St. Joseph's is developing a new clinical and research space at Parkwood Institute. The Gray Centre for Mobility & Activity will promote people's capacity to remain mobile throughout their lives and enable researchers, clinicians and community partners to share knowledge and test new solutions to the problems of mobility and activity across multiple patient populations.

Equipped with the latest health care equipment and technologies, the centre was made possible through a historic $7.5 million gift to St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation by local couple, Bill and Lynne Gray in 2019.

Psychiatrist Dr. Sandra Northcott looking at a painting with inspiring words
The development of a new clinical and research space dedicated to improving and promoting mobility and activity has been made possible by a $7.5 million gift to St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation.

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